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Culturama November 2014

0 Seventeen years ago, Global Adjustments started the Annual Beautiful India Photo Competition – that year, there were 12 entries in all. Today, around 500 entries are sent in each year, with each image offering an amazing insight into the country. These are the images that we use in Culturama....
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Sceadu Book Review | Leonnie Fisher

0 I read Sceadu in four nights, simply because I was hooked! From the very beginning it was full of intrigue and mystery, begging the reader to delve into the book to gain the answers. It was full to the brim with rich thought-provoking descriptions allowing the reader to picture...
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Why ‘Potential’? | Puja Kohli

1 “Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.” Brenda Ueland The word “potential’ transcends multiple fields from physics to social sciences. When we consider potential in electrons we discuss in terms of energy. In neuroscience, we refer to action potential as nerve impulses and when we...
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