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In Her Shoes…in India

0 OK, I admit it! I’m not the first person ever to travel to India and come away feeling enlightened. In fact, enlightening experiences are pretty mandatory when you journey through such an awe-inspiring country. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that nobody else has walked in my particular shoes at...
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The magic of Dreaming Part 2

0   “If you can dream it you can do it” Walt Disney   Earlier this week we talked about how important it is to dream about what we want to achieve in our career or indeed in life generally. And that’s all good, but merely dreaming probably won’t make...
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The magic of Dreaming Part 1

0 Whenever you have time off you may enjoy taking reflection time that allows you the freedom to open your mind and dream about the future. Many people come up with their best ideas and inspirations when they are away from their daily work routine. Dreams are great things. When...
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Losing, not such a bad thing

0 You know what it is like with sports – you see overjoyed faces of those that won mixed with the disappointed look of those that didn’t quite get there. There’s something very immediate about sports, it’s then and there. Years and years of hard work comes together in that...
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