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Bombay Food Truck

0 There’s a new food truck in town! We’ve watched with bated breath as Chef Carl Casper labours to get his food truck rolling in the popular film, Chef. Join our real-life protagonists, the uber-stylish serial restaurateurs Ashish Sajnani and Juspreet Singh Walia (of OPA, PDT, Eat Thai and Le...
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My A-Z of Mumbai Food

0 I found that writing my ‘A-Z of Mumbai Places‘ to be quite addictive.  So much so, that I thought I would challenge myself with an ‘A-Z of Mumbai Food’.  The good thing about doing this in a city like Mumbai, is that it is OK to cheat slightly by...
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Gourmet Saturday : Ping Pong (BKC)

0 I am writing this a little ahead of Saturday in case anyone requires dining-out inspiration for this weekend. We tried out Ping Pong at Bandra Kurla Complex a few weekends ago, when Mr Jules and I attended an interiors show at the temporary exhibition centre there (Mr Jules rather...
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Vindaloo : A Very Misunderstood Curry

0 In the UK, ‘having a Vindaloo’ conjures up visions of inebriated Friday nights.  Of beer swilling blokes downing ten pints before bundling into their local curry house.  And then drunkenly making their selections from a standard anglo-Indian menu whilst competing to see who can eat the hottest curry –...
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Gourmet Saturday : Nico Bombay

0 I’d read about Nico Bombay in Mumbai Boss and the mere mention of Vitello Tonato had me salivating. (Veal in a tuna sauce – and one of my favourite Italian staples). So last Saturday, Mr Jules and I took ourselves off to Kala Ghoda where Nico’s is located, for...
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