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Workplace woes….and the benefits of sharing

0 Do you remember your first interview? I still laugh when I remember mine.  Memories of my interrogator, Mr Johnson, glaring at me across the desk, whilst I wrung my hands in desperation; trying to remember the guidelines we’d be given at college. “Be punctual” they’d said.  “Ask questions” they’d...
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0 Men and women are different and businesses need to market to them differently… Question: Are women different from men? Answer: Yes. Do they behave differently when they are buying? Yes. And if they are different, shouldn’t we be marketing to them in a different way? Yes. Enough of this...
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everywoman’s Navigator

0 The Navigator is a free practical guide that helps women plan their future in business, and includes advice, tips, self-diagnostic tools, research and thought leadership. Brought to you by everywomanClub (a membership group of influential women in business), the Navigator is for women, who want to reach their full...
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And Death came Third

0 By Andy Lopata & Peter Roper Do you dread going to networking events? Do you hide at the back of the room when you have the opportunity to present? In 1984 a New York Times Survey on Social Anxiety placed death third in the list of people’s biggest fears....
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5 Networking ‘Don’t Dos’ for the Job Seeker

0 With the world ‘getting smaller’ through increased social fluidity, the increasing affordability and accessibility of international travel and the evolution of the Internet as a social tool, networking is becoming a more common and sophisticated job search and professional development strategy. Networking is certainly a useful and effective tool...
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City Rant: International Travelling

0 Some would say that if you get to travel around the world in your job, it’s a luxury and a perk.  Friends of mine often comment about me flying business class, drinking champagne in airport lounges and lording it up in fancy hotels – based on that naive description...
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