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The Phenomena of our life

3   You and I go through these phenomenon as we go through life each day. It amuses me and makes me wonder for it exists, we experience and then we move on with the humdrum of life! The phenomena when you keep waiting for a few hours and reminders...
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The Power of Questions | Future Leaders Blog

1 Last week we talked about really good leaders and explored what makes them great. We have found that great leaders share these three important characteristics: They are interested in other people • They are good at listening • They know that they don’t know everything! When you add all...
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The Power of a Generous Team

0 You. Yes, absolutely you. You can influence the teamwork in your team. Working as part of team is the reality for all of us, but all too often there are roadblocks to that teamwork, ranging from lack of communication to clashing personalities. These can all get in the way...
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Banished for Menstruating

2 I was eleven when I first bled. I was too scared about what I was going through. I remember running up to Amma crying loudly, “Amma, call Acha back. I am dying. I have cancer.” That’s what Indian cinema and two deaths from cancer in the extended family did to my tiny mind. In a hushed voice Amma...
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