WATC India Content Team

Nikita Holkar | Ernst & Young

415 Hailing from an Army background, I have studied across different geographies, cultures and ethnicities which has helped me to develop an appreciation for diversity. With my love for organizational psychology coupled with my goal to drive people effectiveness agenda at organizations, I am a Human Resource Consultant working with...
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Doorva Solanki | Barclays

55 I am working as a developer in Barclays Technology Center India for a year. I have worked in different domains, which has exposed me to different working cultures. I am a firm believer of diversity as it improves the customs of the team, provides a broader scope and gives...
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Shilpa Gupta | Barclays

1269 Shilpa Gupta is a go getter, the most talkative person around and finally a girl with a shiny nose! She has always been like that – from being a naughty, only child to two ex-iitians, to having an awesome childhood troubling parents and then going on to become an...
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Neha Arora | Planet Abled

3 Neha Arora, is the founder of Planet Abled, an organization which provides accessible and inclusive travel solutions for people with different disabilities. With a totally un-utilized degree up her sleeve, Neha worked with companies like HCL, Nokia and Adobe before taking the plunge to start Planet Abled. Born to...
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Sonali Ranga | Barclays

16 Sonali is working as an Assistant Manager at Barclays. Recruited from campus as a part of the Graduate Program that Barclays offers, she has worked across diverse fields in analytics like Marketing, Fraud and Model Monitoring over the last three years. Her inputs to the organization have been instrumental...
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Radhika Pradeep | Barclays

11 I am a graduate in science with dual masters in MCA & MBA, a Bharatnatyam danseuse and a mother. I have over 18 years of experience in technology projects to deliver technology transformations. Currently I workd as Vice President in Barclays, leading a team of 55, and managing process...
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