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September 21, 2017 - Page 2 of 12 - WeAreTheCity India


September 21, 2017

Shivani Pethe | Wonderlab

1 From the childhood itself I always thought that I was in love with science and its marvelous discoveries but I never understood why almost majority of my friends disliked it? When I thought deeply over it, I realised that it was due to my parents who practically showed me...
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Divya Singh | DG Pixx

58 Divya Singh(Gupta) is a National award and multiple other awards winning fashion photographer. Photography is considered a male dominated field wherein she entered and made her mark. An MBA by education, Divya had worked as management professional before finding her love and passion for photography. Divya is a self...
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Surabhi Jain | Nutriwell

7 Dr Surabhi Jain is a celebrity nutritionist and health professional with more than a decade of progressive experience in the sector. Dr.Surabhi is a doctor by training who later, went on to pursue a Masters’ in Business Administration and post-graduation in nutrition from the esteemed Public Health Foundation of...
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Tumpa Chatterjee | Infosys BPO

112 Never let go of your dreams, because dreams don’t lie. Quoting a line from the book I authored – Laughing Daffodils. If you can dream it, you can do it. And I believe in doing it all passionately. Be it changing rules in school as Head girl, or institutionalizing...
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Khyati Bhatt | Simply Body Talk

105 I post-graduated on the Dean’s list from S P Jain Centre of Management, Dubai. After working in the corporate world and mentoring in family business, I trained with worldclass nonverbal expert exFBI Joe Navarro for Mastery in Nonverbal Communication. I started Simply Body Talk in 2013. It was a...
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Ankita Shroff | SAV Chemicals, Shroff Group

0 Ankita Shroff holds her Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology and Masters in Management from Imperial Business School London. She pursued an internship with Rolls Royce in London and Germany on a consulting project, ‘how to prioritize manufacturing site investments in global companies? Greenfield vs Brownfield...
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Dhara Mehta | The Kids Company

30 Back in 2008, an M.B.A. working in a MNC, I was unaware that the sabbatical taken then to embrace motherhood will be my final goodbye to the corporate world! While I was raising my son I picked up a very important insight, ‘Play is the work of childhood and...
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Payal Mujumdar | Student

391 I am Payal Mujumdar, a Computer Engineer (June 2014) from Pune. I have worked as a System Engineer in Infosys for 1.5 yrs followed by job as a Physics lecturer for 1 yr & currently preparing for Civil Services exam. Since last 10.5 years, I am working as Founder-Director...
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Aparna Vedapuri Singh | Women’s Web

1 Aparna Vedapuri Singh is the Founder and Chief Editor of Women’s Web – India’s leading website for women and the most authentic community for women in India to express themselves and connect with others. Aparna graduated in Journalism, English Literature and Psychology from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and went...
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Keerthi Pandian | Artist

79 After my undergrad, I worked in my father’s company and started a Distribution company in Singapore. For five years, successfully the company has released over 100 feature films. I parallelly did not let go of my dream to be an actor. I trained in acting schools and other art...
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