January 2, 2014

The Backpacking Professional

0 The backpacking professional is a professional whose sense of loyalty in the traditional notion is low and is ready to take off to experience new adventures and discover a new trail. Like the backpacker who has a low commitment to a non institutionalized form of travel, similarly the backpacking...
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Doting Dads | Mumbai Mum

0 There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a grown man coo over a baby, especially when it’s yours (and his!). I remember saying to my Mum and Dad before Annabelle was born that I was worried about how having a baby would affect our relationship and would we be...
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Is it a boy or a girl? | Mumbai Mum

0 I posted this on my facebook status the other day and was amazed with the comments I received back: “I don’t mind when people say “boy or girl?” but when they say “really? It’s a girl?” and she’s dressed in a pink t-shirt and flower power leggings…honestly!”    ...
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Motherhood | Mumbai Mum

0 People always say that you look at your mother in a new light once you become a mum yourself. It’s so true. In fact I found a new respect for my mum when we first moved to India. Although I have lived overseas my whole life moving to India...
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